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A book of art honoring the Portland Trail Blazers 50th Anniversary season, moment by moment.


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RIP CITY | EST. 1970



Coming into the Trail Blazers organization for the 50th Anniversary year, I knew it was something special. 50 years of the Blazers is bigger than basketball- it’s a celebration for the whole city of Portland. 50 years of red, black and white wardrobes, favorite players, shouting “Rip City”, loving to hate the Lakers, free chalupas and Bill Schonely’s voice on the radio as the soundtrack to summer street ball games. 


As a Portland native from a family of loyal Blazer fans, I was so excited to join the organization during such an iconic year. It made me want to learn more and I knew I was going to be surrounded by people chock-full of stories and experience with the team, so, I asked questions. A season’s worth of them. Conversation by conversation, the stories flooded in and I began to piece together my interpretation of what made the 50th so special. To me, the essence of it all is that it’s different for every fan. For some, Maurice Lucas and Bill Walton were icons while others watched in awe as Damian Lillard rose to heroism. Every Trail Blazers fan has their own favorite era, player, and moment; but it’s their collective dedication and love that built our fanbase.


Rip City has been the common denominator in every Portland Trail Blazers memory since the phrase was coined by Bill Schonely in 1970, 


It welcomed our #1-Overall draft pick, Bill Walton, in 1974,

Hung an NBA Championship banner across the city of Portland in 1977,

Battled Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals,

Watched Damian Lillard put up 61 points,

and lives in the hearts of every Trail Blazers fan to this day.


This book is a collection of art honoring the spirit of Rip City, moment by moment.

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